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Credit Recovery and Credit Advancement Notice

Administrators and Counselors

When making decisions about whether to enroll your students in Credit Recovery (CR) courses or Credit Advancement (CA) courses, please be aware that students must qualify for these special courses.  The qualifying guidelines are found on the Alabama State Department of Education Website.  Before enrolling your students in CR or CA, make sure that they meet the guidelines on these two important documents. 

Credit Recovery:

Credit Advancement:

If your students do not meet the qualifying guidelines, you may enroll them in regular ACCESS courses which will help them meet the requirements for graduation.

October Virtual Field Trips

List of Topics

- Careers in the NFL

- Our Land: Alabama from Early American Settlement Through the Creek War

- Men From Alabama That You Should Know

- Statehood and State Capitals

- A Journey Through the Life of Helen Keller

- Great Women of Alabama